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The System Application is dedicated to the BlackBerry 10 Platform. The system can let you build Quiz Games very easy by just uploading questions and then build.

The system can generate:

  • Cascades App
  • WebWorks App
  • HTML5 App
  • PhoneGap App
  • Appcelerator App
  • Plain JSON Data with Files App

So if you want to be a developer and submit apps to BlackBerry World. This is your starting point.




Build/Deploy to Multiple Dev Platforms:

The system supports building your quiz to a packaged Cascades, PhoneGap, Titanium and WebWorks app.




Run / Test:

The system has a built in Mobile Web Simulator to preview your quiz.




Actions Bar:

This is where all the main functions are. To Run/Test, Build/Deploy, Upload Files, Reload and Logout










Cell Editing:

It has an excel like editing so it will be so easy to edit questions.





Multiple Question Selection:

For example you want to delete all questions, you can multiple select them and delete.




Supported Media Formats:

The system can support Images, Videos, Audios, Text and even Mixed of all formats for a quiz.




Window Editing:

This is the UI when adding/editing a question.




Lastly: The BlackBerry Z10 device coming up Jan 30th.

The super phone will be unveiled. This phone will give you all you want in a smartphone. Watch out.



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