Snap2Chat Custom QML Title Bar

Customize the title bar to whatever you look and feel you want. CustomTitleBar.qml

How to use the CustomTitleBar.qml in a Page

The Simple Project Structure Download Project Here:

How to use BB10 Quiz Maker

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Before following the instructions, I assume you already know the basics of setting up the SDKs, Simulators, Dev Alpha. Creating a Quiz: Click the Create a Quiz button and fill in the details of your quiz. (Take Note: that this … Continued

BB10 Quiz Maker Roadmaps and Bugs

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        Bugs: Multiple Delete Fixed Bugs: Download Quiz Data URL Redirection Loops Roadmaps: Theming Option More Video and Audio Formats to support More Cusomizations Options More Dev Platforms Better Uploading Plugin Better File Management Polishments Cascades Template … Continued

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