Facebook OAuth 2.0 without using a Library – BlackBerry 10

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Facebook OAuth
Facebook OAuth

I know there are lots of OAuth Libraries in BlackBerry 10 that can make it easy, but actually using an OAuth Library is more pain than what I’m going to show you. 🙂

This technique only requires 3 Languages: C++, Javascript and QML and DOESN’T REQUIRE ANY SPECIAL LIBRARY


QT C++ Helper Functions

I know these functions have Javascript equivalents, but I always love to write code mostly in C++. I always have these functions in my projects and I can just call them from anywhere in any QML code. 🙂

Facebook App Settings

Also make some little changes in your Facebook App Settings

Turn on Client OAuth Login and Embedded Browser OAuth Login

And of course don’t forget to add http://localhost/ in the Valid OAuth Redirect URIs.

Facebook App Settings
Facebook App Settings








I hope this post will help you make Facebook Connected Applications with ease. 🙂

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  1. Hi, could you share your example project ? thanks

  2. grace grimes

    It won’t let me make a account on my blackberry z10 because I payed money for this app

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